Expanded Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2003

The Expanded BRFSS project was conducted from July 2002 through July 2003 in 38 localities (individual counties and county groupings) comprising the entire state. Administration of the random digit dialed telephone survey closely adhered to the annual BRFSS survey protocol procedures developed by CDC.

The target sample size for each locality was 640 completed interviews, with the final number varying according to local sampling variability and response rates.The Expanded BRFSS questionnaire was constructed of standard BRFSS items and modules developed by the CDC. Questionnaire development began with the selection of a common set of Core items and modules to be asked in each of the 38 localities. Representatives from each county and from DOH programs prioritized topics to constitute Core set of questionnaire items asked in all localities. Each locality was then allowed to select Optional items and modules of particular interest to their respective area to complete the balance of their specific questionnaire. In localities opting not to select Optional questionnaire items, a Standard questionnaire developed by DOH was administered.

Requests for additional information, or materials in an alternate format can be made by sending an e-mail message to brfss@health.state.ny.us.