2005-2010 Community Health Assessment Guidance

June 23 letter sent to all local health departments by Office of Local Health Services

The 2005-2010 CHA Checklist

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) Summary Form

The CHA Summary Form outlines the 2005-2010 CHA definition and purpose. It includes:

  • Local Health Department Information: A cover sheet containing Local Health Department (LHD) contact information.
  • Part I - Data Review: A checklist of health indicators reviewed as part of the process for updating the CHA. Currently, much of this data is available in the Community Health Data Set, and a few others on program sites on HIN/HPN. In the year 2003, NYSDOH will add county-level data indicators so they are available at one site.
  • Part II — Information on Article 6 Service Areas and Programs: Collects information related to Article 6 Service Areas and Programs.
  • Part III - Information on Local Health Focus Areas/Priorities: Requests information on current and new health focus areas for which programs or activities are being planned for or implemented by the county.
  • Part IV: CHA Process Information: Requests background information on assessment (e.g., Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), other, or none), and information-gathering (surveys, reports) processes used in the community, and how community members were involved in assessment activities.