Model for Improvement: Collaborative Rubrics

To assess applicability of the Healthy People 2020 Action Framework, rubrics were developed early in the project by the planning group to correlate with the Healthy People 2020 Action Model.

Steps in the Model for Improvement Crosswalk to Healthy People 2020 Action Framework Minimal Good Excellent Wow
Improvement Project identified and defined (Aim) Topic is a Healthy People 2020 Focus Area. Project Aim provides the context for evaluating Healthy People 2020 Agenda Problem explained. Goal quantified. Baseline set. Strategies and measures identified Threats, strengths, alternatives identified Plan for spread identified
Stakeholders (Team) Are key players included?(lifespan, sectors, demographics) Identified and invited Engaged, explained rationale for those excluded Stakeholders ownership of project Stakeholders engaged in "spread"
Determinants (strategies implemented) Change activities influence determinants at some level Identified change activities PDSAs tested; lessons shared New perspectives gained System changed
Measures and outcomes Measures facilitate planning cycle as in Action Model Measures defined, data sources identified, capacity for data gathering set up Collected data on process, outcome and balancing measures Shows improvement in outcomes Shows significant improvement in outcomes