New York State Community Health Data Set and other data links

Public health data relating to counties or specific health issues can be accessed through New York State Department of Health website.

Public Health Data on New York State Department of Health website
Health Area/Issue Description
AIDS/HIV AIDS Surveillance Quarterly Updates and AIDS in New York State Reports. Has data at the state and regional levels
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Reports. Also see Expanded BRFSS for local level data. State-level adult behavior risk survey finding relating to physical activity, oral cancer risks, fetal alcohol syndrome, skin cancer, diabetes among others.
Communicable disease statistics Reported cases, and rates of communicable diseases by county and in New York State
Community Health Data Set Series of tables, maps and graphs containing health statistics for 18 health-related data categories organized by county of residence. Most of the indicators are presented via a 3-year table (Table), table +10-year trend plots (Table + Trends), to access a trend chart, click on the highlighted county name in the 3-year table), bar chart/map (Map), and trend graph (Graph). Tables present,where possible, the last 3 years of information forCounty, Region, and New York State. Maps highlight the top 5 and bottom 5 counties for each indicator.
County Health Indicator Profile Selected county-level indicators relating to socio-demographic, perinatal health, mortality, hospitalizations, and disease morbidity.
Cancer Cancer Incidence by zip-code, cancer booklets, and county-level maps
Expanded Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (EBRFSS) Data. Also see BRFSS for state level data Local-level adult behavior risk survey finding relating to physical activity, oral cancer risks, fetal alcohol syndrome, skin cancer, diabetesamong others.
Health care utilization
Managed Care Reports

Medicaid Statistics

Data on quality of managed care plans in New York State

Medicaid reports and profiles by demographic group and by county.
Hospital discharge data/SPARCS annual report Each SPARCS Annual Report contains a narrative, appendices, and standardized statistical tables. The narrative describes the background of SPARCS, the data sources for the report, and the data displayed. The statistical tables include discharges, patient days, and average length of stay data aggregated by age, sex, expected primary source of reimbursement, service category, disposition of patient, county of residence/hospitalization, discharge rate, federal DRG, average total charge of stay, principal disgnostic categories, surgical procedure categories, federal MDC, and total length of stay
Lead County-level and selected zip-code level data on incidence of elevated blood lead levels in children under six years.
Obesity Data by County County-level indicators relating to Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), behavior/risk, mortality, and hospitalization are available.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Data and Statistics Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis data in table and chart formats are available annually at the county, regional and state levels.
Vital Statistics 2001, 2002 and 2003 data: state and county-level data relating to population, live births, pregnancies, and fetal deaths,mortality. Profiles for cities and villages with populations greater than 15,000