Birth Defects (Congenital Malformations)

New York State

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Track Birth Defects
View maps and tables showing the number and prevalence of children born in New York State with one or more selected major birth defects.
Congenital Malformations Registry Reports

The reports provide statistics on congenital malformations in children born in New York State

Congenital Malformation Rates on Health Data NY

View occurrence data of selected major malformations in infants born since 1992


Birth Defects/Congenital Anomalies – National Center for Health Statistics FastStats
Provides information on birth defects in the U.S. and links to other documents
Tracking Birth Defects – U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Describes monitoring activities and provides links to the Metropolitan Atlanta Congenital Defects Program and the National Birth Defects Prevention Network