Fall Injuries Among New York State Residents 65 Years and Older

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths, hospitalizations and emergency department visits among adults 65 and older. Falls can result in lasting, serious consequences, affecting mobility, independence and mental health.

Fall injuries are rising among our older adult population. From 2000 to 2012, the rate of all-related deaths increased more than 23 percent, the rate of hospitalizations increased more than 11 percent. Each day during 2012, there were 243 emergency department visits, 146 hospitalizations and 3 deaths due to falls among residents 65 years and older.

Falls are not accidents!

They are not random, uncontrollable acts of fate, but occur in predictable patterns, with recognizable risk factors and among identifiable populations. A fall is a predictable and preventable event.

Specific Statistics for Fall Injuries

Map of falls requiring emergency department visit

These charts and tables detail multi-year, statewide statistics for fall injuries among New York State residents over 65. Data is presented in annual frequency and rate per 100,000 New York State residents, 65 years and older.

Additional Resources within the Department of Health

Additional resources on fall injuries can be found on our Fall Injury Prevention page and within the Prevention Agenda Toward the Healthiest State.

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