New York State Poison Control Network - Annual Report on 2001 Data

Professional Organization Involvement

Each poison center in New York State belongs to, and is certified by, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). Members of the centers take an active, and in some instances, leadership role in the operations of the association including membership on board of directors, certification committee, public education committee, quality assurance committee, abstract review committee, scientific affairs subcommittee, nominating committee, personnel proficiency, long range planning, specialist in poison information committee, and manager's committee. Members of the New York State Network participate fully in the educational and information sharing components of the AAPCC through attendance at the annual and mid-year meetings.

In addition, The Association of Poison Control Centers of New York State, a network made up of the members of the five regional poison control centers and one public education center, collaborate to set policy, share case information, exchange ideas in administration, public education, professional education, data collection and conduct research.