New York State Poison Control Network - Annual Report on 2001 Data

Management Of The Societal Impact Of Poisoning

Toxicology Training

In order to stay abreast of changes in the field of toxicology, all staff at the poison centers participate in toxicology symposia, in-service training, electronic continuing education, conferences and meetings. In turn, staff of the poison center teach pharmacy and nursing students, ambulance personnel (EMT), physicians and physician assistants.

Appendix Five includes a description of these programs.

Trainee Type of Training Count
Pharmacy Students
Health Professional Training
Conducted by Poison Control Staff 55
Health Professional Training
Physician Assistants
Health Professional Training
Poison Control Staff Symposia 52
Lectures 171
In Service 110
Case Reviews/Grand Rounds/Journal Clubs 946
Electronic Continuing Education 4

Research and Publications

The Network conducts research, studies, case reviews, quality assurance and presents and/or publishes its findings.

Appendix Six includes examples of research conducted and articles published, and abstracts presented at annual meetings for 2001.

Research and PublicationsCount
Research Projects3
Abstracts Presented27