Information Bulletin, March 2010

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Reminder: Source of Payment Typology
New HCS Portal Link available for test-drive
Operational Change: Use of e-mail to reduce mailings costs
X12-837 Input Data Dictionary Changes

Reminder: Source of Payment Typology

In our December 2009 Information Bulletin a change was announced for the submission due date for the new Source of Payment Typology (SoP) data elements to July 1, 2010. This was necessary to allow facilities more time to work on submitting this information to SPARCS. Please be aware that the July 1, 2010 deadline still applies, and no exceptions will be allowed. The new Source of Payment Typology data elements were announced in October 2008. Letters were sent to all SPARCS Coordinators announcing this change. This announcement letter can be found at: All submitted SPARCS records must contain, at a minimum, the "SoP I" data element as of July 1, 2010, otherwise, the record will fail. If you need additional help or information regarding the submission of these data elements, please contact our SPARCS Administrative Unit or review the X12-837 Input Data Dictionary.

New HCS Portal Link available for test-drive

As of March 1, 2010, the new Health Commerce System (HCS) portal became available to test-drive. The new design has been created with the help of experts in making websites more usable and effective. It is also the result of an extensive and collaborative input process involving a broad sector of HCS users. The process vetted the new design by many Health Provider Network (HPN) and Health Information Network (HIN) users through surveys, focus groups and usability tests conducted over the last year. The web address of the new portal will remain the same. However, there will no longer be a distinction between the HPN and HIN. The new portal is available at To help you with this transition phase, the following document will assist you in orienting yourself with the new HCS.

Please visit for important information about new HCS features and upcoming portal training opportunities. You may also sign up in advance for live webinar training sessions at:

As a SPARCS submitter, you should test-drive this new HCS portal as soon as possible. You should be able to have access to the following applications under My Applications on the left-side of your screen when you first sign onto the new Portal (HCS).

  • SPARCS Data Submission
  • SPARCS Performance Metrics
  • SPARCS Quality Reporting

If you are not able to view these applications, please contact the SPARCS Administrative Unit.

Operational Change: Use of e-mail to reduce mailings costs

SPARCS will be implementing the directive from the Office of Taxpayer Accountability to reduce or eliminate paper mailings in favor of e-mail. SPARCS will maintain a list of primary SPARCS Coordinator, Back-up Coordinator, and Other Contact for each submitting facility. However, it is the facility's responsibility to make sure we have the current e-mail contact. You can verify your contact information on our HCS SPARCS Home Page by selecting the Contact Information from the navigation box on the left. If there are any information changes, please contact the SPARCS Administrative Unit.

For Bulk Mailings we will utilize our SPARCS Listserv called SPARCS-L. All interested parties are invited to join by sending an e-mail message to: The body of the note should contain the command subscribe sparcs-l followed by your first and last name.

Please do not create a rule in your e-mail software to block this Listserv or e-mails from

X12-837 Input Data Dictionary Changes

  • Mapping to UB-04 data elements
    A revised version of the X12-837 Input Data Dictionary format is now available at: The purpose of this revision is to clarify for SPARCS submitters the various components of both the Electronic format (837I Versions 4050R and 4010IA) and provide the mapping to the paper form of the bill, the UB-04. This was also done to position SPARCS for the change to the next electronic version (5010) which has a January 1, 2012 compliance date.

  • Rename Source of Payment Code to Claim Filing Indicator Code
    Please note that the data element Source of Payment Code has been changed to Claim Filing Indicator Code. The values and codes for the Claim Filing Indicator Code are the same as the Source of Payment Code. SPARCS is aligning our collected data elements with the data element names contained in the National Uniform Bill version UB-04.
  • Type (Priority) of Admission adds value for Trauma Centers
    The value 5 for Trauma Centers was added to our edit program in October 2007 for the data element Type (Priority) of Admission, but was inadvertently omitted from our Input Data Dictionary.
    • Trauma Centers are defined as:
      5 = Visit to a trauma center/hospital as licensed or designated by the state or local government authority authorized to do so, or as verified by the American College of Surgeons and involving a trauma activation.

    Please note that there are currently over 30 designated Trauma Centers in New York State. A list of centers can be found at: and on the NYS Department's Hospital Profile website at: When reporting this value 5, please make sure the facility is designated as a state Trauma Center. SPARCS will be monitoring the use of this value.