Get Health Facilities Own Data (HOD) and Other Reports

Accessing the Health Commerce System (HCS)

Submit Data/Report Request

  • Under My Applications - Select SPARCS Data Submission

  • Select Data/Report Request

  • If you submit data for more than one facility, select the facility you are submitting data for from the scroll down menu and click Apply. If you submit for only one facility, you will automatically go to the next screen.

  • Select Data/Report Request and follow the options on the screen. Following are the types of reports/data available.
    • Edit Report by Log Number
    • Error Records by Log Number
    • Audit Report by Year (tally by discharge month/year)
    • Health Facilities Own Data by Year, Month(s) (complete data file)
    • Listing of Records on Master File for Year, Month(s) (key fields only)
    • Submission History Report by Year, Month(s) (detail list of all records submitted)
    • Update Summary Report by Year (results of the most recent monthly update indicating the status of the records processed)

  • Your data request will be moved to our mainframe system for processing. The report/data will be available in the Submission Results selection. Please note that this process may take several hours.