LISTSERV is an e-mail based distribution mechanism used by the Department of Health. The SPARCS Administrative Unit uses LISTSERV to distribute relevant information to data users, data submitters, and vendors.


A specific mailing list has been set up on Department of Health's LISTSERV to provide information on SPARCS issues. This LISTSERV is called SPARCS-L. (The previous listserv was called UDS-L). The SPARCS-L provides a quick and convenient way to receive updated information and to ask questions regarding the submission of SPARCS data. It also enables the Department to provide newsworthy information on the National Uniform Bill Committee (NUBC) relating to any new data elements and definitions, and file format specifications. All interested parties are invited to participate by sending an e-mail message to: The body of the note should contain the command subscribe sparcs-l followed by your first and last name.