Audit Reports

Inpatient and Outpatient Reports

Audit Reports summarize the number of inpatient and outpatient encounters on the SPARCS Master File. Audit Reports are organized by Discharge Year/State Region/Facility Identification Number/Discharge Month and are updated monthly, provided there are sufficient transactions.

Emergency Department Reports

The Emergency Department Reports detail the number of records that were submitted on the inpatient and outpatient file for each facility that contained a revenue code with a value defined as emergency (045x). The outpatient file is further divided by the types of data submitted on the file: Ambulatory Surgery and Emergency Department.

Outpatient Data Type Reports

Outpatient Data Type Reports divide the accepted outpatient stays into the three data types collected by SPARCS: Ambulatory Surgery (AS), Emergency Department (ED) and Expanded Outpatient Data (OP) based upon the edits required for each data type.