Consumer Education and Engagement

New York is pursing numerous consumer education and engagement initiatives as part of its health information technology strategy.

Consumer Advisory Council - CAC

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC), sponsored by the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), is an advisory body for health IT consumer education and engagement initiatives in New York. The CAC is assisting policymakers, health care providers, and health care consumers and advocacy organizations in the development of policies and practices geared toward safeguarding confidentiality and promoting consumer autonomy in a 21st century health care environment powered by health IT.

The CAC is developing a network of organizations throughout New York State – the Consumer Advocacy Network for Health IT – to participate in ongoing education and outreach efforts, led by the Legal Action Center and the School of Public Health at Columbia University. A website – – will serve as an organizing tool and central resource for materials and news updates (currently under development). Over the next two years a series of meetings and conferences will be convened to create and foster an informed and active consumer movement for health IT.

Priority areas for the CAC are:

  • Openness and Transparency
  • Patient Access to Records
  • Confidentiality
  • Security and Data Integrity
  • Meaningful Enforcement and Remedies

Connecting New Yorkers & Clinicians Subgroup

Connecting New Yorkers and Clinicians is an important priority in advancing New York's health information infrastructure. As part of the HEAL NY Phase 5 grant program, it is defined as a clinical priority or use case focusing on providing the capacity to connect New Yorkers to their clinicians and providers to share clinical results, prevention and wellness information, care management programs and emergency contact information.

The New York eHealth Collaborative, in partnership with NYS DOH, is overseeing the Statewide Collaboration Process (SCP) through which common information policies, standards, and technical approaches for New York's health information infrastructure are being developed. As part of the SCP, the Clinical Priorities work group and the Connecting New Yorkers and Clinicians subgroup is working to hone the use case. Current subgroup discussions also include the use of personal health records (PHRs) and patient portals for consumers to communicate with their clinicians and/or have access to their own personal health information.

Education and Communication Committee

As part of New York State's health information technology strategy NYeC has convened representatives of the health care community to identify, educate and engage key stakeholders in support of the vision and goals of NYeC. The Education and Communication Committee will establish mechanisms to inform and include stakeholders in NYeC activities and incorporate stakeholder input into NYeC policy recommendations on an ongoing basis. The Committee will consist of representatives of New York State's Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs) and health information service providers (HSPs), consumer representatives, representatives of associations and groups from various sectors involved in health care (e.g., hospital associations, etc.), and other representatives with expertise relevant to the Committee's activities.

The Committee will also:

  • Identify a broad range of individuals and organizations to collaborate with NYeC informing its short- and long-term agenda and priorities, and to participate in work groups focusing on specific policy and technical issues.
  • Provide support for NYeC and other stakeholder organizations to conduct statewide and regional conferences, webcasts and conference calls designed to educate and seek input from health care stakeholders on specific topics relating to the adoption and use of health information technology.
  • Develop educational materials, provide materials for and otherwise maintain a website, and disseminate topical publications on health information technology and health information exchange policy and technical issues, including updates on federal, state and private sector activities.
  • Coordinate with other NYeC committees as necessary.

Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC)

Activities listed above are also supported by federal funding to educate health care consumers about privacy and security aspects of health IT. For more details on this project visit the NYHISPC page.

Educational Materials