SHIN-NY Organizational Infrastructure

Policy Framework – Governance and Accountability

A health information technology infrastructure is essential to create an interconnected system that will help address many of the challenges facing New York's health care system such as preventable medical errors, disparities in the quality of care received by New Yorkers, high costs, administrative inefficiencies and the lack of coordination among physicians, hospitals and patients. Th e Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) organizational infrastructure consists of a policy and governance framework, collaborative processes and accountability mechanisms through which the strategy is being implemented.

Roles and Responsibilities

The framework for a comprehensive, interoperable health information infrastructure in New York is based on distinguishing between the responsibility for setting policy, which is the area of the State and is assisted by the State Designated Entity (SDE), NYeC, through a transparent governance process.

The New York Department of Health (NYS DOH) has oversight and enforcement of SHIN-NY regulations (policy and technical standards), sets strategy, and approves policy and investment.

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) is charged with leadership, coordination, and administration of the SHIN-NY. NYeC advises the New York State Department of Health on the development of policies and procedures that govern the SHIN-NY. The statewide policy guidance was developed and is updated through an open, transparent, and consensus driven Statewide Collaborative Process. More information is available on NYeC's website.

The Qualified Entities (QE) develop and manage technical connections with data contributors, that allow the data to flow between their participants and to other QEs. QEs ensure SHIN-NY policies for how data is governed are implemented and maintain legal agreements with participating organizations. Additionally, they are responsible for delivering local services and support users.

There are six QEs which serve all of New York.

Participants in the SHIN-NY share health data through secure electronic connections to the QEs through their Electronic Health Records (EHR). Participants include health care providers, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic and treatment centers, clinics, nursing homes, home care services agencies, hospices, health maintenance organizations and many more. With the consent of the patient, participating providers are able to access the SHIN-NY to help improve care.

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