APC Statewide Steering Committee

Committee Overview

This committee is charged with providing strategic direction and guidance to the State during the implementation and regional roll-out of the Advanced Primary Care model. This group will meet quarterly and will be supported by and charged with the alignment of multiple regional councils convened to implement APC at the community level.

As a multi-stakeholder group, the Statewide Steering Committee will serve as the neutral convener of the New York State Advanced Primary Care model. Committee members will include health plans, physician groups, practice representatives and hospital systems, as well as academic, consumer and purchaser representatives. The committee will be guided by a mutually agreed upon statement of vision, goals, core principles, and project objectives.

More specifically, this new governance entity will be charged with the following:

  • Advise the Department on the evolution of the APC model to reflect learning during the implementation process.
  • Provide guidance regarding alignment across regions as well as alignment of numerous federal and state initiatives to ensure efficiency and coordination to achieve common goals.
  • Report to the Health Innovation Council to offer legislative and regulatory recommendations as needed and appropriate.

Committee Materials

Statewide Steering Committee Meetings

Date Meeting Number & Slides Topics Discussed
May 1, 2017 Meeting #1 (PDF)
  • SIM/APC Current Landscape
  • General APC Updates
  • PCMH 2017 Alignment and NCQA Alignment Strategy
June 19, 2017 Meeting #2 (PDF)
  • APC Practice Transformation Updates
  • HIT Enabled Quality Measurement
  • PCMH 2017 Alignment
Sept 14, 2017 Meeting #3 (PDF)
  • CMMI Comments
  • SIM/APC/NYS PCMH Model Progress
  • MACRA Alignment Discussion
  • Statewide Evaluation and Regional Oversight