Health Innovation Council

Workgroup Overview

The Innovation Council was established in 2015 to address the following charge:

  • Frame a cohesive policy agenda to advance the Triple Aim
  • Provide guidance on key decision points and potential policy recommendations developed by topical workgroups
  • Consider and offer guidance to support the consistency of vision, mission, metrics and incentives across key programs

Council Materials

Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • SHIP Transformation Initiatives in NYS
  • Observations on the State Innovation Plan by Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker
  • Emerging New VBP Models and Networks
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Evaluating SIM Progress to Achieve Goals
  • SIM Implementation Progress
  • Provider Transformation
  • Payer Engagement
  • Workforce
  • Population Health
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Federal Update
  • VBP and Integrated Care Updates
  • Workforce Updates
  • Transparency, Evaluation, & Health Information Technology Updates
  • Population Health Updates
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • SIM Updates
  • APC Model
  • Integration and Alignment: Medicare/Medicaid/SIM/DSRIP/TCPI/CPC+
  • Population Health
  • Transparency, Evaluation, & Health Information Technology
  • Workforce
  • Access to Care
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • DSRIP Update
  • Integrated Care
  • Transparency, Evaluation and HIT
  • Workforce
  • Access