EDRS Information for Registrars of Vital Statistics

New York State began registering deaths in the state in 1881. Public Health Law, Article 41, Title 4, Section 4140 designates the roles and processes established to register a death and arrange for disposition of a body. As of 1953, the death of each person who has died in this state shall be registered immediately and not later than seventy-two (72) hours after death or the finding of a dead human body.

New York State's Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) is a secure, web-based system for health care providers and medical certifiers, medical examiners/coroners, funeral directors, and local registrars as they work together to electronically register deaths. The system is accessed through the New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) website portal. For more background information about EDRS, its benefits, and New York state's related Public Health Law, click the following link: About EDRS.

Training Resources

Training resources for Local Registrar Offices includes live training, self-paced video tutorials, and reference documents. The schedule for live training is listed below. Video tutorials and reference documents are available below the training schedule.

Training Schedule for Local Registrars

How Training is Conducted

Live training is conducted over the internet and telephone using your computer, internet browser application, and Cisco Webex Player application. The training course for Local Registrars, Deputy Registrars, and Sub-registrars is a 1-hour course. The course includes a visual demonstration showing your workflow in EDRS, a discussion of best practices for Registrar Offices, and a question and answer period.

Install the Webex ARF Player

To sign up for training you first need to install the Webex player on your computer. Click the following link to download and install the free Webex Player if you have not previously installed Webex: Download the Webex Player. Download and install the .ARF File Webex Player for watching live and recorded Webex presentations. Be sure to select the correct player for your computer type (Windows or Macintosh) and follow the installation instructions.

After installing the Webex Player application, you may sign up to attend one of the training sessions listed below by clicking the link to the desired session and completing the requested course registration information. After registering for a class, you will receive an email confirming your training registration and containing a link to the actual course and instructions.

When the date and time arrives for you to attend your scheduled training course, click the link to launch the Webex application and sign into the course. For audio connection to the course so that you can hear the instructor and class discussion, dial into the toll-free telephone number provided in your training confirmation email message.

Month Training Dates and Times for Local Registrars
Sign Up for Live Training via Webex
(Requires Webex Player installed on your computer)
November 2019 Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - Implementation of EDRS for Registrars

December 2019 Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - Implementation of EDRS for Registrars

Video Tutorials

The following Tutorials will launch in a new window/tab.

Tutorials in SCORM 1.2 Format to Install in Your Learning Management System


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