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New Items and Initiatives

  • EDRS training is available for Local Registrars. See the training schedule below to sign up. (added 7/1/2020)
  • EDRS Quick Reference Guides are available in the Help menu inside EDRS on the top menu.
  • Color-coded job aids for Local Registrars are available in the Procedures and Reference Guides section of this page. (added 3/19/2020)
  • Guidance for Registrars regarding Marriage - See Executive Order 202.20 Marriage Services under COVID-19 on this page. (added 5/29/2020)

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Log into the New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) to access EDRS:

New York State began registering deaths in the state in 1881. Public Health Law, Article 41, Title 4, Section 4140 designates the roles and processes established to register a death and arrange for disposition of a body. As of 1953, the death of each person who has died in this state shall be registered immediately and not later than seventy-two (72) hours after death or the finding of a dead human body.

New York State's Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) is a secure, web-based system for health care providers and medical certifiers, medical examiners/coroners, funeral directors, and local registrars as they work together to electronically register deaths. The system is accessed through the New York State Health Commerce System (HCS) website portal. For more background information about EDRS, its benefits, and New York state's related Public Health Law, click the following link: About EDRS.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cremation Information and Forms for Filing Information

New Regulation Affecting Cremation Authorization and Modified Authorization Form

On May 1, 2020, effective immediately, the Cemetery Board adopted a new regulation, 19 NYCRR 203.14, by emergency adoption. This regulation authorizes crematories, during an emergency declared by the governor or the cemetery board, to accept human remains delivered with a cremation authorization form in which the intended crematory has been manually corrected.

Effective April 30, 2020, the Division of Cemeteries modified the Authorization for Cremation and Disposition (DOS-1898-f) to include optional language where, if initialed, authorizes a New York crematory to accept the remains for cremation even if the name of another crematory initially appeared on the Cremation Authorization. This change applies only to cremations authorized by the modified form.

For full details, see the Department of State, Division of Cemeteries website here.

How does this affect the burial transit permit which may have already been generated for cremation at a different crematory?

The original burial transit permit and cremation authorization form can be corrected by hand with the new disposition information and presented to the new crematory for accepting.

For Electronic Records
After disposition, the Funeral Director will submit the proper death correction form (DOH 1999) via fax to NYSDOH, to update the place of disposition information on the death certificate. Once approved by NYSDOH staff, a system generated notification of the correction will be sent to the appropriate local filing office.

For Paper Records
After disposition, the Funeral Director will submit the proper death correction form to the local filing office on record to request an update to the place of disposition information on the death certificate. The Local Registrar will make appropriate interlineated changes to the record on file.

Executive Order 202.20 Marriage Services under COVID-19

As you may be aware, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued temporary suspension and modifications to Domestic Relations Law, as it relates to marriage services offered by jurisdictions under the COVID-19 disaster emergency. Notably, the changes will impact the issuance of marriage licenses, marriage license fees, and solemnizing of a marriage ceremony. Please review the FAQs for NYSDOH Executive Order 202.20 to assist you with questions related to this executive order. Click HERE to review the actual executive order.

Training Resources

Training resources for Local Registrar Offices includes live training, self-paced video tutorials, and reference documents. The schedule for live training is listed below. Video tutorials and reference documents are available below the training schedule.

Training Schedule for Local Registrars

How Training is Conducted

Live training is conducted over the internet and telephone using your computer, internet browser application, and Cisco Webex Player application. The training course for Local Registrars, Deputy Registrars, and Sub-registrars is a 1-hour course. The course includes a visual demonstration showing your workflow in EDRS, a discussion of best practices for Registrar Offices, and a question and answer period.

See Instructions for Viewing Webex Webinar Training for a link to download and install the Webex Player and additional information about the training.

Month Live Webinar Training Schedule for
Local Registrars
(Requires Webex Player installed on your computer)
Select a Date/Time to Sign Up
July 2020 Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - Implementation of EDRS for Registrars

August 2020 Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - Implementation of EDRS for Registrars

September 2020 Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - Implementation of EDRS for Registrars

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