Procedures for Submission of Specimens to The Wadsworth Center Bloodborne Viruses Laboratory for Defendant HIV Testing

In accordance with the Defendant Testing Guidance Document, specimens from defendants may be submitted to the Wadsworth Center for HIV RNA and antibody testing. Specimen stability, particularly for RNA testing, is affected by elevated temperatures. Carefully follow all instructions provided below to ensure specimen integrity. Please call the Diagnostic HIV Laboratory at (518) 474-2163 for further information.

  1. Collect blood in the sterile 10-ml plastic EDTA blood collection tube (lavender-top) provided in the specimen mailing kit. A full tube of blood is required, but if a full tube cannot be collected, you may collect two partial tubes. The specimen mailing kit contains 2 blood collection tubes.
  2. In order to process the sample,
  3. If the specimen cannot be shipped on the day of collection, see the section entitled "Additional specimen collection and shipping instructions" in this document, or call the Diagnostic HIV Laboratory at (518) 474-2163.
  4. Bloodborne Viruses Laboratory
    Attn: Defendant Testing
    New York State Department of Health, Wadsworth Center
    David Axelrod Institute
    120 New Scotland Avenue
    Albany, NY 12208
  5. Notify the Laboratory by phone at (518) 474-2163 that a defendant testing specimen has been shipped and provide the courier tracking number. If no one is available to take the call, leave this information on the laboratory's voicemail and include the submitter's name and contact information in the message.