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HIV Uninsured Care Programs - Summary

The NYS Department of Health's AIDS Institute has established four programs which provide access to free health care (HIV Drugs, Primary Care, Home Care, and APIC) for New York State residents with HIV infection who are uninsured or underinsured. The four programs use the same application forms and enrollment process.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides free medications for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections. The drugs provided through ADAP can help people with HIV/AIDS to live longer and treat the symptoms of HIV infection. ADAP can help people with partial insurance or who have a Medicaid spenddown requirement.

ADAP Plus (Primary Care)

ADAP Plus (Primary Care) provides free primary care services at selected clinics, hospital outpatient departments, office based physicians and lab vendors. The services include ambulatory care for medical evaluation, early intervention and ongoing treatment.

HIV Home Care Program

The HIV Home Care Program provides coverage for home care services to chronically medically dependent individuals as ordered by their physician. The program covers skilled nursing, home health aide services, intravenous therapy administration, medications and supplies and durable medical equipment when ordered by a doctor for specific conditions. Services must be provided through a home care agency which has enrolled in the program.

ADAP Plus Insurance Continuation Program (APIC)

APIC can pay for commercial health insurance premiums for ADAP eligible clients. APIC will pay for the continuation of a cost effective policy for people presenting to the program who: have existing coverage purchased directly from an insurance company or agent, coverage through their employer where the employee contribution for the coverage creates a financial hardship or COBRA coverage when a person loses their job and cannot afford the premiums. Policies considered for payment must be comprehensive and provide full prescription and primary care coverage without annual coverage caps.

HIV Uninsured Care Programs Application (English)

Solicitude para el Programa de Cuidado de VIH (Español)

HIV Uninsured Care Programs Drug Formulary & Covered Services

Other Resources

HIV Uninsured Care Programs Provider Assurances & Agreements with Enrollment Form

Uninsured Care Programs Provider/Service Manuals

Requests for information in an alternate format can be mailed to:


HIV Uninsured Care Programs
Empire Station
P.O. Box 2052
Albany, NY 12220-0052

Program's Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM

In State - Toll Free 1-800-542-2437
Out of State - (518) 459-1641
TDD - (518) 459-0121