Certified Backflow Testers - Cortland County

In New York State, individuals who test backflow prevention devices for the purpose of protecting the public water supply are required to hold a valid certification issued pursuant to 10 NYCRR Section 5-1.31. Below is a current list of New York State certified backflow prevention device testers. For more information on contacting any of these individuals, please contact your County Health Department or State District Office, or email the Bureau of Water Supply Protection.

City Name Certification Number Expiration
Cincinnatus Christopher C. Mott 10483 5/31/2017
Cortland Brian Withey 9401 11/30/2017
Cortland Dereck B. Withey 11436 5/31/2019
Cortland Gabriel A. Smith 6256 11/30/3018
Cortland Gary L. McCall 4731 11/30/2018
Cortland Nicholas E. Giamei 6917 11/30/2017
Cortland Ronald J. Riccardi 4866 5/31/2017
Cortland Timothy A. Thomas 11204 11/30/2018
Home Travis F. Young 11010 6/30/2018
Homer Brian R. Congdon 5956 11/30/2017
Homer Doug A. Brush 11425 5/31/2019
Homer Kevin J. Marsh 11196 11/30/2018
Homer Peter Lyon 10825 12/31/2017
Liverpool William W. Sears 5941 10/31/2017