About the "Do Not Refer" List

Section 460-d (11-12) of the Social Services Law, Section 2803-m of the Public Health Law and Section 29.15(i) 2. (II.) of the Mental Hygiene Law requires the suspension of placement referrals from hospitals, inpatient facilities operated or licensed by the Offices of Department of Correctional Services, State Division of Parole and local social services districts to certain adult homes, residences for adults and sometimes enriched housing programs. Such facilities are those that have received official written notice from this Department of action based on endangerment of resident health or safety or a pending action against the operating certificate, such as limitation, suspension, revocation or denial of renewal. Attached is a current "Referral Suspension List ".

In addition to the Adult Care Facilities (ACF) that are approved for license, certification and are subject to the above laws and regulations of the Department, there may be facilities called "questionable operations". These facilities are neither licensed nor certified by this Department. Information about these facilities against which the Department has initiated legal action or which pose a threat to their residents will also be included on a separate list entitled "Uncertified Facilities". These facilities do not meet personal care and supervision standards required by regulation to be provided to residents by the adult care facility.

Facilities that were previously on the Do Not Refer List and have now closed or are closing is attached on a third list entitled "Closed Facilities". Facilities that have closed voluntarily are also included.

Changes to the DNRL will be made as needed on this site. Check this site for the most up-to-date information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the attached list, please contact Patricia Kennedy at (518) 408-1133.