About the "Do Not Refer" List

Section 460-d(11-15) of the Social Services Law requires the Department of Health to maintain a list of all adult homes, enriched housing programs, residences for adults and assisted living programs that have received written notice of an enforcement action based on a violation of an applicable law or regulation that creates an endangerment of resident health or safety, a pending enforcement action against a facility’s operating certificate or a determination that the facility is required to be certified as an adult home, enriched housing program or residence for adults. This list is the “do not refer” list. Placement on the “do not refer list” on the Department’s website will serve as written notice to the appropriate office of the Office of Mental Health, Department of Correctional Services, State Division of Parole, local services districts as well as hospitals in the locality in which the facility is located.

Referral Suspension

  • Section 460-d (11-12) of the Social Services Law, Section 2803-m of the Public Health Law and Section 29.15(i)(1-2) of the Mental Hygiene Law prohibits social services districts and other local government entities, hospitals and inpatient facilities operated or licensed by the Office of Mental Health, Department of Correctional Services and State Division of Parole from making referrals for admission to an adult care facility on the “do not refer list”.

Closed Facility:

  • Facilities that have closed voluntarily or facilities that were previously on the “do not refer list” and have now closed or are closing.

Uncertified facility:

  • Facilities referred to as "questionable operations". These facilities are neither licensed nor certified by the Department. These facilities do not meet personal care and supervision standards required by regulation to be provided to residents by the adult care facility.

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