Question 1, Part II

Example for capital cost per diem for the inpatient chemical detox component

Patient is admitted to a facility with a case payment rate of $7231.42 on November 8, 2011. A diagnosis of hepatic coma and other major acute liver disorders is made (APR-DRG 279- Severity Level 2= SIW of 0.8528 and an average length of stay of 7 days). Arrangements are made for the patient to be transferred to a transplant facility for a possible liver transplant. The patient is transferred on the fourth day of their stay at the admitting hospital.

If the patient were discharged versus being transferred, an Inlier would be calculated. The inlier is calculated as: case payment rate for the facility of $7,231.42 for discharge date - 11/11/11 × SIW for APR-DRG 279 with a severity level of 2 + capital per discharge rate + non comparable add-ons × HCRA tax.