Learn More about Worksite Wellness

Return on Investment

  • Worksite Wellness at PreventDisease.com provides examples of companies saving money in a variety of areas due to wellness programs at the worksite.
  • Healthy Workforce 2010 covers all aspects of worksite wellness, including return on investments, planning programs and the Healthy People 2010 objectives

Cost of Chronic Disease

  • Prevention Makes Common "Cents": Information on the cost of obesity, diabetes, CVD, asthma, and tobacco use to employers, and a listing of businesses promoting health and disease prevention.

Chronic Diseases

Starting a Wellness Program

Promoting Biking

Stair Climbing Promotions

  • StairWELL to Better Health: Provides assistance for increasing stairwell use from aesthetics to measuring usage.
  • Stairway to Health: Planning guide for a stair climbing challenge at the worksite. Success stories, free point of choice downloadable posters, tips on generating interest and promoting the program.

Physical Activity Promotions

Food Labeling Laws

  • A Food Labeling Guide, Appendix A: Food and Drug Administration guidelines for food labeling such as fat-free, reduced-fat, low-sodium, sugar-free, and other claims.

Promoting CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Guidelines for Meetings

Conducting a Milk Taste Test

Promoting Vegetables and Fruits

Making Worksites Smoke-free

Additional Resources

Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • California Project LEAN: Series of programs and activities to promote nutrition through environmental and policy interventions.
  • The Community Guide: A compilation of evidence-based strategies to promote nutrition and physical activity.


Worksite Wellness for Diabetes