Statewide Policy Guidance - Version 1.0

The New York eHealth Collaborative, under contract with and in partnership with DOH, is overseeing the Statewide Collaboration Process (SCP) as part of the HEAL grant program, through which common policies, standards, and technical approaches for New York's health information infrastructure are being developed. A comprehensive set of health information policies has been developed and released as part of New York's Version 1.0 Statewide Policy Guidance. All state funded health IT initiatives are required to comply with the statewide policy guidance.

Privacy and Security

A top priority of New York's health information technology strategy is ensuring that policies protect privacy, strengthen security, ensure affirmative and informed consent, and support the right of New Yorkers to have greater control over and access to their personal health information as foundational requirements for interoperable health information exchange.

Clinical Priorities

Electronic Health Records

Technical Infrastructure

Statewide Policy Guidance Updates