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Exposure Questions

  1. When did you live in the study area, and where?

  2. Which school did you attend?

  3. Did you, your children or other family members play in the canal, or at the former canal location (any area between Colvin and Frontier and between 97th and 99th Street)?

  4. During which years and at what ages did you or other family members play at the canal?

  5. In which activities did you participate? (i.e., swimming, fishing, baseball, tag, biking)

  6. Did you or other family members use nearby streams or creeks for recreation? If so, where, what activities and how frequently?

  7. Do you remember other people using the former canal property? If so, what activities do you recall and what was the approximate age of those involved in the activities?

  8. Is there any particular issue regarding exposure that you would like to share with us?

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