Help using PDF Documents

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Many documents on this site are saved as PDFs, a "portable document format" that allows them to be viewed on a wide range of computer operating systems. It's particularly helpful for forms, spreadsheets, and legal documents, because the documents retain their original formatting.

However, to view pdf documents you will need to download the free reader, called "Acrobat Reader." It is a widely used program that is safe to download.

Download Acrobat Reader

Helpful Tips

  • Viewing on Screen: Problems viewing on screen (blank pages) may occur if you have recently upgraded from Internet Explorer (Version 4 to Version 5) without reinstalling a newer version of the Acrobat Reader.
  • Printing: Problems may occur if your printer and/or the memory capacity of your personal computer cannot handle large PDF files. If you encounter problems when printing a PDF file, try printing one page at a time.
  • Accessibility: The Adobe accessibility web site provides tools and information to help make Adobe PDF files accessible to users with visual disabilities.
  • Security: Internet Explorer security settings may be set so Active X plugins won't run -- Acrobat Reader uses Active X.
  • Installation of other Abobe products may affect the Acrobat Reader that is currently installed on your personal computer.

If you are encountering any of the above problems, you may still be able to save the PDF file to your personal computer (PC) and view or print from your PC using your current Acrobat Reader software. To do so, right click on the link to the PDF file that you want and save the file to your PC. You can then open the Adobe Reader from your PC and view/print the PDF file directly from there.