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METRIX Highlights

In September 2012, the METRIX Project was showcased during a panel session entitled, "The Transparency of Transparency" at the Government Technology Conference East – New York State's premier conference on technology and innovation. Click here for more information.

This past October, the METRIX Project was highlighted during the "Innovation Lightning Talks" series at the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, or ICEGOV – a conference that focuses on the use of technology to transform relationships between government and citizens, businesses, civil society and other arms of government (Electronic Governance). State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, MD, MPH, was also a featured panelist for a plenary session devoted to "The Future of Government in the Digital Age." To get more information on this past event, click here.

DOH and the METRIX Project were cited in the Committee for Open Government's Annual Report to the Governor and New York State Legislature – which was issued in December 2012. The report referred to the DOH as a "trailblazer in developing accessible open datasets" and noted that "ready access to the Department's datasets has made them more useful to those within government, those in the private health care sector, and average citizens."

In February 2013, the much anticipated Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission's Report was publically released outlining innovative ways to transform New York State Government to make it more modern, accountable and efficient. The SAGE Report highlighted the METRIX Project as a "good example of the potential benefits from releasing non-confidential government data."