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Observed Climate Changes in New York State

Climate scientists have observed an overall warming trend and more frequent extreme weather events in New York State. Changes in weather patterns and ups and downs in temperature are being seen more often. These changes impact our health, both directly and indirectly.

Changes that have already occurred in New York State's climate:

  • Annual average temperatures have increased by over 2°F since 1970 (learn why a seemingly small temperature increase matters)
  • Annual average winter temperatures are over 4°F warmer since 1970
  • Coastal sea level has risen by about one foot since 1900
  • Heavy rain downpours have increased in recent decades

More Information about a Changing New York Climate

There are plans to protect New Yorkers, our environment, infrastructure, and coastlines while understanding our vulnerabilities and ways to improve resiliency.

More Information about a Changing Global Climate

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