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Nursing Home Quality Initiative

2013 Nursing Home Quality Initiative

The New York State Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) is an annual quality and performance evaluation project to improve the quality of care for residents in Medicaid-certified nursing facilities across New York State. The 2013 NHQI is based on the 2012 calendar year and contains three measurement components comprised of 14 quality measures, three compliance measures, and one efficiency measure. The NYS DOH assessed the nursing homes on their performance in all components of the NHQI as compared to their peers. Specific deficiencies cited during the health inspection survey process were also incorporated into the results. The NHQI was worth 100 points; the Quality Component was worth 60 points, and the Compliance and Efficiency Components were each worth 20 points. Facilities were awarded points for each measure based on their performance. The points for all measures were then summed to create an overall score for each facility. Facilities were ranked into quintiles based on their overall scores. Quintile one represents the top-performing facilities, while quintile five represents the lowest-performing.

The quintile ranking below is a spreadsheet that contains the following worksheets:

  • nursing facilities in each of the five quintiles
  • nursing facilities with certain deficiencies cited during the health inspection survey process
  • nursing facilities that were initially excluded from the NHQI for various reasons

The nursing facilities in each worksheet are sorted alphabetically. All facilities within a quintile are considered to be the same in terms of quality and performance. Please refer to the methodology for more information about the measures used, and ineligibility and exclusion criteria.

Please note that the results from the NHQI are expected to be tied to funds upon State Planning Amendment (SPA) approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). SPA approval is currently pending. For questions regarding the Nursing Home Quality payment methodology, please contact the NYS DOH Bureau of Finance at

Information and Results for the 2013 Nursing Home Quality Initiative