Policy Memo 116H

DOH-CACFP: Number 116H (01/08)

TO: CACFP Sponsoring Organizations of Family Day Care Homes

FROM: Jeanne Culver, State Director, Child and Adult Care Food Program

SUBJECT: Crediting Vegetarian Products in CACFP Meals

I. Purpose and Scope

Effective immediately, participating CACFP family day care home providers may use the vegetarian items listed in the attached chart, which contain alternate protein products (APPs), as a creditable meat alternate. Only the alternate protein products listed are creditable at this time as a vegetarian meat alternate in reimbursable meals. NYS CACFP will add additional items to the list as we receive qualifying documentation from the manufacturers or when USDA approves such products.

II. Background Information

Federal regulation requires that APPs meet specific nutrient criteria. The items listed in the attached chart have been certified by the manufacturer as meeting those criteria. To meet the minimum required serving, family day care home providers must serve these products in the quantities indicated in the attached chart.

Future revisions of the CACFP Crediting Food Guide will reflect this change. Sponsors should share this information with their providers. If you have any questions, please call a Homes Unit Nutritionist at 1-800-942-3858, ext. 27104.