Bureau of Funeral Directing

Public Health Law section 3401 regulates all activities related to the business and practice of funeral directing for 1874 funeral firms; 4062 practitioners; 98 registered residents (individuals in training) and 490 funeral directing students including: licensure and registration of funeral directors, undertakers and embalmers, the inspection and registration of funeral firms, investigations of consumer/provider complaints related to practice of funeral directing, alleged fraud in pre-need, misappropriation of prepaid monies, and continuing education and training of practitioners.

Application to Request a Duplicate Licensure Document

Please use the following form to request a duplicate:

  • Wall License Certificate (Funeral Director)
  • Pocket Card (Funeral Director)
  • Firm Registration Certificate
  • Resident Pocket Card (no fee required)

Complaints regarding Funeral Firms or Directors:

Should you want to register a complaint regarding a funeral firm or funeral director, complete and submit the form below to:

  • New York State Department of Health
    Bureau of Funeral Directing
    875 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY 12206

Please note that the Department can only take formal action if it finds sufficient basis that the funeral firm and/or funeral director has violated Public Health Law and/or its implementing regulations. If the complaint involves a dispute about fees, please be advised that the Department does not have jurisdiction over the fee amount that is charged, only the mandated disclosure of the fee.

Laws and Regulations Governing Funeral Directing Practice

Funeral Rights

List of NYS Registered Providers Offering Continuing Education Courses for Funeral Directors