Breastfeeding…For My Baby…For Me Campaign

Breastfeeding …For My Baby…For Me Campaign is designed to support your decision to breastfeed and address any breastfeeding concerns.

With so much to think about as you prepare for the birth of your baby, you can count on knowledgeable WIC staff and experienced peer counselors at WIC to support your important decision to breastfeed.

You can do it!

One of the most powerful decisions you will make is how to feed your baby. Your body is naturally designed to breastfeed your child. Breast milk is exactly what your precious baby needs and in just the right amount to ensure that your baby grows strong. Breast milk is ready anytime your baby is hungry, is always the right temperature, and requires no bottles to wash and sterilize.

You can count on WIC!

The experienced staff and peer counselors at WIC understand how a breastfeeding mother may be faced with challenges. WIC has peer counselors who are breastfeeding moms helping other moms. WIC's breastfeeding services are especially designed to give you the support you can count on to breastfeed successfully at home, in public, or at the work place.

Here's what one Mom had to say about the support she received at her local WIC clinic:

"The breastfeeding peer counselor from WIC made me feel more confident about breastfeeding. The support provided by the clinic helped me to be successful with the decision I made to breastfeed my baby."

For information about breastfeeding and breastfeeding support available from WIC, visit the WIC website Breastfeeding Partners at and for more information regarding the WIC program visit WIC Program - Women, Infants, Children or call the Growing Up Healthy Hotline at 1-800-522-5006.

Your questions, your concerns, your needs

At WIC, the staff listen to you. The staff and peer counselors offer information based on science and experience to meet your needs and concerns.

There are many internet resources available which provide additional support and information regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding. Listed below are other websites that may be helpful.