Goals and Benefits

Benefits of the program

  1. Provides training for all staff including Administrators, Direct Care Staff, and Indirect Care Staff, as well as training for families and visitors.
  2. Program is easy to use, cost effective, and appealing.
  3. Content of the training program is in both PDF and DVD format.
  4. Exercise routines are in DVD format and include both sitting and standing routines, and balance training.

For the resident

  1. Reduce falls through calming physical exercise (Tai Chi.)
  2. Improve quality of life.
  3. Improve balance and core strength.
  4. Reduce anxiety through claming physical exercise.
  5. Promote general health and complement active rehabilitative services.

For the staff

  1. Provide education related to the special challenges of preventing falls in residents with dementia.
  2. Improve interactions with residents.
  3. Improve job satisfaction.
  4. Improve staff-resident interactions.

For families and visitors

  1. Improve family-resident interactions.
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