Endicott Area Investigations - Public Health Response Plan

Appendix E: Overview of Completed Outreach Activities

This section describes the various outreach activities already completed in the Endicott area.

E.1 Health Care Provider Outreach

Performed by:
Project Overview:
These actions provided the local medical community with information and solicited their input regarding the cancer investigation and other work being performed by the health agencies.
Completed Activities:
  • NYSDOH met with Broome County Health Officials to solicit input regarding available listings of health maintenance organizations and targeted health care providers in November 2003. In addition, a mailing to 10 key area physicians was completed in January 2004, introducing them to the PHRP and soliciting their comments.
  • NYSDOH and BCHD obtained a mailing list of selected medical specialists from the area surrounding and including Endicott in December 2003.
  • NYSDOH mailed selected educational materials to around 400 local healthcare providers in May 2004. ATSDR supplied some of the materials for this mailing. As an incentive for providers to read the materials, a notice of the availability of free continuing education credits was included.
  • NYSDOH and BCHD met with selected local physicians in May 2004 to demonstrate the available educational materials used for a large mailing to local area providers. The ATSDR Case Study in Environmental Medicine on TCE is one example of such materials. Physician input has been solicited regarding work being done by the health agencies.
  • NYSDOH and BCHD attended local and countywide meetings of health care professionals to continue distributing educational materials throughout 2004. The first meeting was in the summer of 2004.
  • NYSDOH and BCHD identified nursing groups, medical and nursing schools, residency programs and medical libraries and has provided them with the appropriate ATSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine and other selected materials during 2004.
  • NYSDOH mailed information sheets on the Health Statistics Review: Cancer and Birth Outcome Analyses and a list of local resources for perinatal and cancer public health information to about 400 local health care providers in September 2005.