Prevent Injuries While Traveling Across the Snowmaking Area

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image showing snowmaker walking on snow

Most injuries occur when snowmakers are traveling around the mountain. Take steps to prevent injuries.

Snowmakers can encounter hazards when

  • Walking on snow-covered and icy surfaces
  • Riding on snowmobiles, ATVs, trucks, or shovels
  • Colliding with vehicles, snowmaking equipment, skiers and boarders

Whether a rookie or a veteran, to prevent such injuries snowmakers should

  • Assess the conditions and select the most appropriate footwear and icewear. No one type will work for all ground conditions.
  • Use extra caution on trails open to the public.
  • Operate equipment only if you have received adequate training, have demonstrated that you are qualified, and have been given direction to do so.
    • Operate vehicles at reasonable speeds and only on designated routes.
    • Wear vehicle helmets. They may be uncomfortable but they can protect your head, save you from serious injuries, and keep you warm.
  • Don't use shovels to travel around the mountain. This practice could result in serious injuries.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR EMPLOYERS: Best safety practices to reduce injuries

  • Run the chair lift for employees during snowmaking to get around the mountain using the lift. The cost of even one serious injury could justify the manpower and utility costs associated with running the lift.
  • Limit the employees who are permitted to use vehicles. Only trained supervisors should be allowed to operate snowmobiles and ATVs.

Be prepared: Think safe, act safe, be safe.