DAL 15-02: Required Roles within the Health Commerce System (HCS)

March 19, 2015

DAL: 15-02

Dear Administrator:

Please be reminded that 18 NYCRR §487.12 (k), §488.12(m) and §490.12(k) require that adult care facility (ACF) operators obtain Health Commerce System (HCS) accounts and access these accounts regularly. In addition, operators must ensure that that there are sufficient and knowledgeable staff designated as HCS users, and that staff are assigned to the various HCS roles, to receive information and ensure rapid response to requests for information by the State and/or local Department of Health. The following roles (described in attachment 1), are required to be populated within the HCS by at least one person for each facility:

  1. Operator
  2. Administrator
  3. Health Commerce System Coordinator Health Provider Network Coordinator)
  4. Financial Data Submitter
  5. Emergency Response Coordinator
  6. eFINDS Reporting Administrator
  7. Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) Authorized Person

The following roles, although not required by regulation, are highly recommended to be populated:

  1. Data Reporter
  2. Financial Reporter
  3. eFINDS Reporter
  4. Electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) Editor

Facilities not having a designated HCS Coordinator must first request a Coordinator or Director level account by contacting Dot Persico at 518-408-1133. This request will generate documentation which must be completed, notarized and mailed back to the Department's Commerce Account Management Unit (CAMU). As soon as the facility has at least one HCS Coordinator designated, that Coordinator can then place other HCS users within the organization into the required and recommended roles identified above.

Facilities are also required to ensure that up to date or current emergency contact information is available to the Department through the HCS. Coordinators can use the 'Communications Directory Coordinator's Update Tool' to update the contact/emergency information for their organization (a "24 by 7 Facility Contact"), and for individual users. Note that all information entered using the 'Communications Directory Coordinator's Update Tool' must be validated every 90 days.

Questions regarding Director or Health Commerce Coordinator roles can be directed to Dot Persico at 518-408-1133. Questions concerning user level accounts or emergency contact updates, can be directed to the Commerce Accounts Management Unit (CAMU) at 1-866-529-1890 option 1 (M-F 8:00 am-4:45 pm). Coordinators may also access the attached User Guide (also found https://apps.health.ny.gov/pub/ctrldocs/paperless_edoc2.pdf for instructions on new account requests).

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and for your continuing efforts to serve our vulnerable populations.


Valerie A. Deetz, Director
Division of Adult Care Facility and Assisted Living
Surveillance & Community Transitions Programs