NHTD Quality Management Program Tools and Processes

There are many tools and processes associated with the NHTD waiver's QMP. These are described elsewhere in this Program Manual and include, but are not limited to:

  1. NHTD Waiver Program Manual
  2. RRDS Interview with Potential Participants
  3. Participants' Choice of Waiver Services and Providers
  4. Provider Self-Monitoring Tools
  5. Provider Participant Satisfaction Survey
  6. Fair Hearing Procedures
  7. Participants' Rights and Responsibilities Form
  8. Waiver Contact List
  9. RRDS Interview with Potential Waiver Service Providers
  10. DOH Surveillance of Providers
  11. Vendor Hold and Disenrollment of Providers
  12. Review of Service Plans by RRDS/QMS
  13. Retrospective Record Review
  14. Participant Satisfaction Survey
  15. Participants' Signature On Service Plans
  16. Plan for Protective Oversight
  17. Assurances for Timely Submission of Service Plans and Individual Service Reports
  18. Addendum to Service Plan
  19. Complaint/Grievance Reporting and Investigation
  20. Incident Reporting Policy
  21. Examination of Claim Detail Reports
  22. DOH Coordination with Other State Agencies
  23. DOH Technical Assistance to RRDC and to QMS Contracts
  24. DOH/RRDS Quarterly Meetings with DOH
  25. RRDS Technical Assistance to Providers, Waiver Participants and Family Members
  26. DOH/QMS Quarterly Meetings with DOH
  27. QMS Technical Assistance to Providers
  28. Accessibility of DOH WMS
  29. Policy Clarification Letters
  30. Coordination with LDSSs
  31. Technical Amendment Requests to CMS
  32. DOH Annual Report to CMS
  33. Standardized Reporting by Contractors
  34. Waiver Complaint Line
  35. Regional Forums
  36. Quality Advisory Board