Dear Administrator Letter: Medicaid Rate Inventory Schedule

April 29, 2016

Subject: Medicaid Rate Inventory Schedule

Dear Administrator:

This letter is to provide you with new information that will now be published on the Department's website. This new information will include a comprehensive and detailed inventory of all projected Medicaid rate schedules anticipated to be processed during the current state fiscal year.

The rate inventory schedule is organized by category of service and includes a short description, the effective date, projected dates for draft rates and check release date (along with the cycle number), as well as a status of each rate package. This schedule will be updated monthly to reflect processing changes. Additionally, the Department plans to expand this information by providing a link to the Dear Administrator Letter that was distributed to the providers regarding the rate changes as well as a list of rates by provider

Please visit the Department's website at and view the new Medicaid rate inventory schedule. If you have any questions regarding the schedule please contact:

Category of Service Email Address
Mainstream Managed Care
Managed Long Term Care
Inpatient/ Outpatient
Nursing Home/ Other Long Term Care Rates