EPIC Program Annual Data Tables 2007-2008: Table XII

Table XII
Distribution of Claims and Expenditures by
Status of Medicare Part D Enrollment*
Claim InformationIn Part DNot in Part DTotal
Number of Claims8,769,6451,901,23410,670,879
Total ExpendituresTotal Cost of Drugs$904,574,203$186,012,876$1,090,587,079
less Third Party Payments$504,347,316$13,771,063$518,118,379
less Participant Copayments$57,915,987$19,235,002$77,150,989
less Deductible Payments$33,380,287$11,031,967$44,412,254
EPIC Expenditures$308,930,613$141,974,844$450,905,457
Average Claim**$35.23$74.68$42.26

* Table XII outlines the difference in expenditures by status of Medicare Part D enrollment.

** Average Claim was calculated using only participants who were enrolled in their stated category for the entirety of the program year.