GIS 17 MA/006: Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)Provided Out of State

To:Local District Commissioners, Medicaid Directors

From: Andrew Segal, Director, Division of Long Term Care

Subject: Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) Provided Out of State

Effective Date: Immediately

Contact Person: Bureau of Managed Long Term Care, State Plan Services at (518) 474-5888

The purpose of this General Information System (GIS) message is to inform the Local Departments of Social Services (LDSS) of the authorization protocol for consumers in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) who plan to attend, or are attending, an out of state college.

Prior to enrollment in an out of state college, the CDPAP consumer must inform the LDSS and the Fiscal Intermediary (FI) of his/her intent to do so to ensure that both parties are aware of the enrollment and the subsequent temporary change in the consumer’s residence. In addition, the CDPAP consumer must share any additional information that is directly related to the enrollment, including anticipated dates of attendance. If the current FI is not able to provide services to the CDPAP consumer while attending the out of state college, the consumer must select another FI that has an active contract with the consumer’s LDSS.

Upon initial notification of the CDPAP consumer’s intent to enroll in an out of state college, the LDSS must inform the consumer that he/she must maintain active Medicaid in his/her district of fiscal responsibility. It is the responsibility of both the LDSS and the CDPAP consumer to ensure that the consumer’s Medicaid remain active. In the event that there is a disruption in the consumer’s Medicaid eligibility, the LDSS must notify the consumer immediately to resolve the situation. The consumer must collaboratively work with the LDSS to reinstate Medicaid coverage.

Additionally, the LDSS is still required to abide by the current assessment protocols for the continuation of Medicaid services, including the participation in the CDPAP. Regardless of where the consumer is attending college, the consumer is required to return to his/her permanent residence for reassessments to ensure continuity of care. The LDSS must inform the CDPAP consumer of the reassessment requirement and work with the consumer to schedule a date/time that will work for both parties. In order for the consumer to continue to participate in the CDPAP while attending an out of state college, the consumer must meet, and continue to meet, all eligibility requirements for participation.

All districts should ensure that their internal procedures are appropriately updated to reflect this authorization protocol. If you have any questions, please email