Financial Sustainability VBP Milestones

December 2016

  • Milestones also available in Portable Document Format (PDF)

PPSs´ VBP responsibilities will include surveying providers, identifying gaps, and implementing initiatives to address those needs

Milestone #4:

Administer VBP survey / needs assessment to organization

Milestone #5:

Develop VBP support implementation plan

Milestone #6:

Engage partners for VBP education and training

Milestone #7–8:

Unique milestones based on the VBP support implementation plan

Milestone #4:
PPSs will need to administer a survey to their members to identify opportunities to support the transition to VBP

  • Several PPSs have already administered a survey to their providers; however, a template is in development for those who have not.
  • Whether PPSs use the template or their own survey, the following elements should be assessed:
    • Current state of contracting
    • Current resources for care coordination
    • Knowledge areas for additional education
    • Assessment of technology and analytic resources

Milestone #5:
Each PPS will then submit a document detailing how they will support the adoption of VBP as part of their plan for ongoing sustainability

  • These VBP support implementation plans should directly reference information collected through surveys, and should focus on specific, measureable activities and dates.
  • The implementation plan should address activities aimed at supporting both providers and community-based organizations.
  • Within the implementation plan, the following potential activities should be addressed (if the PPS does not plan to implement such activities this decision should be supported through survey data):
    • Education/training sessions to meet identified needs from provider survey, such as contracting/risk sharing arrangements, VBP data and analytics and performance measurement, etc.
    • Provide analytic reports or access to PPS analytic environment and resources specifically focused on fostering relationships between various providers/community based organizations who may have the potential to collaborate to deliver higher value care.
    • Collect feedback on emerging trends, challenges and issues with the transition to VBP from among their network of providers and community based organizations and raise these with the Department or relevant stakeholders.

Milestone #6:
Develop annual schedule of partner engagement sessions on VBP for particular provider categories

  • PPS to implement topic sessions based on survey to help PPS partners further understand aspects of VBP.
  • PPS should specify targeted sessions for the following partner categories:
    • Primary care providers/practices
    • Behavioral Health providers – Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder
    • CBOs focused on Social Determinants
  • A minimum of two sessions for each provider category per DSRIP year commencing DY3 through DY5

Summary of VBP Milestones and Progress Reporting in DSRIP

Updated DSRIP AV Guide VBP P4R Milestones:

Current New
Milestone Date Milestone Date Reporting Criteria (@ Milestone Completion) Developed with Independent Assessor
Baseline assessment of revenue linked to VBP DY2Q2 Develop a Value Based Payments Needs Assessment ("VNA") DY2Q4 Administer VBP activity survey to network
Finalize plan toward 90% VBP network TBD Develop an implementation plan geared towards addressing the needs identified within your VNA. DY3Q1 Submit VBP support implementation plan
Put Level 1 VBP arrangement in place TBD Develop partner engagement schedule for partners for VBP education and training DY3Q1 Initial Milestone Completion: Submit VBP education/training schedule Ongoing Reporting: Submit documentation to support implementation of scheduled trainings, including training materials and attendance sheets through quarterly reports
50% of care cost level 1 VBPs; 30% cost level 2 VBPs TBD Unique milestone based upon implementation plan TBD TBD – Will be determined by PPS and IA once milestone is defined
90% VBPs in level 2 VBPs or higher TBD Unique milestone based upon implementation plan TBD TBD – Will be determined by PPS and IA once milestone is defined