Albany Finance Session Panel Discussion

  • Questions are also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 83KB)
  1. DSRIP Finance Function - 10 mins
    1. Please provide an overview of how you and your PPS have approached the development of a DSRIP Business Office or "Finance Function"
    2. Kelvin - as you meet with PPSs and the Finance leads, how do you see the role of finance evolving over time. Are the needs and requirements well understood?
    3. How do you view your role as the "Lead PPS" with regards to finance?
    4. How do you envision the finance function will evolve?
      1. Leverage Existing Capacity
      2. Separate Organization - NewCo
      3. Outsource to 3rd party?
  2. Financial Sustainability - 10 mins
    1. With regards to the financially weak and fragile members of your PPS, how have you approached the topic of "Sustainability"?
    2. Kelvin - what do you think is the most misunderstood aspect of Sustainability
    3. The Implementation plan provides some guidance regarding metrics to monitor and define the financially weak and fragile. How are you considering these criteria when developing your plans for identifying and monitoring the financially weak and fragile?
    4. What will you require of them going forward?
      1. Ongoing reporting
      2. Operating results
    5. How do you think the migration to VBP impact the question of Sustainability.
  3. Funds Flow - 20 mins
    1. Can you describe the overarching Philosophy your PPS has adopted with regards to the approach to Funds Flow, specifically the develop of your baseline budget, and the distributions amongst your partners
    2. What are the top 2-3 factors that you believe are critical to the success, or are "must haves" in the funds flow approach (Incentive Structures)
    3. How have you engaged other providers in your PPS in developing the funds flow approach
    4. Have you engaged your partners in soliciting their budget requirements?
    5. Describe the iteration process, issue resolution, etc.
    6. How involved has your Finance Committee been in this process
    7. What are the key drivers in your approach to finds flow distribution?
      1. What drivers have you considered for bonus payments/incentives