New York State DSRIP PPS Learning Symposiums

The purpose of the NYS DSRIP PPS Learning Symposium is to promote and support an environment of learning and information sharing based on data transparency within the New York healthcare industry in an effort to bring meaningful improvement to the landscape of healthcare in New York. An annual statewide Learning Symposium is held once each year to bring PPS together for a multi-day opportunity to focus on DSRIP and seek peer-to-peer (provider-to provider) and community stakeholder input on project level development of action plans, implementation approaches and project assessment. Invitees to the annual statewide Learning Symposium will include PPS providers, community-based organizations, consumer advocates, national health care reform experts, county agency representatives, health plan representatives, HIT/HIE representatives and State and public health officials. The Account Support Team (AST) is responsible for collaborating with relevant stakeholders and designing the content of the meeting.

In addition to the annual statewide Learning Symposiums, the State will host two regional Learning Symposiums each year. The regional Learning Symposiums will be structured to focus on issues that are relevant to subsets of the PPS and may be driven by regional (Upstate vs. Downstate) or specific project implementation differences.

Annual Learning Symposiums

Second Annual Learning Symposium - September 20-22, 2016

First Annual Learning Symposium - September 17-18, 2015

Regional Learning Symposiums

May 3, 2016 Downstate, New York City

May 17, 2016 Upstate, Rochester, NY