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From:      VanSlyke, William C
Sent:       Monday, May 23, 2016 3:32 PM
Subject: VAP exception application public comment.

Good afternoon, my name is William Van Slyke, I have been designated by the executive leadership of Columbia Memorial Health to submit our strongest support for the Better Health for Northeast New York (BHNNY) VAP exception application.

BHNNY is the most critical element necessary for the PPS to attain its DSRIP goals. It serves CMH and the entire PPS by coordinating DSRIP activity, including the PCMH, workforce re-design and IT integration elements that are essential to the success of the PPS´s participation in DSRIP.

Stated simply there is no substitute for the value, expertise and leadership provided by BHNNY, and we support without reservation the approval of BHNNY´s VAP exception application.


William Van Slyke
Vice President, Patient Experience & External Affairs
Columbia Memorial Health (CMH)