4403f.(11b) Agewell New York, Partial Capitation plan, Post Acquisition Reporting of Member Service Authorizations by Senior Whole Health, a Partial Capitation Plan

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Senior Whole Health (SWH), a Partial Capitation MLTC plan in New York State, acquired the AgeWell New York Partial Capitation membership effective October 1, 2022, and agreed to offer 120 days continuity of care to AgeWell New York members. A summary of the status of service authorizations for AgeWell New York enrollees who transferred to SWH one year following expiration of the continuity of care period is presented below. Overall, members averaged an increase of 0.1 hours. Members who had a change in their plan of care, on average, saw an increase of 3 hours.

Service Authorization changes for AgeWell New York Enrollees who transferred to Senior Whole Health
No Change 999
Hours remained Same 999
Increase 457
Hours Increased after Transition 457
Decrease 23
Member Requested Reduction 1
SADC Increase Resulting in Home Care Decrease 2
Changes In Care Plan 20
Grand Total 1479