UAS-NY Reporting

The following project updates, presentations/webinars and training videos contain outdated UAS information and materials.
All current information is located on the UAS–NY main page.

The Uniform Assessment System for New York (UAS-NY) includes robust reporting capabilities, which provides organizations with immediate access to data. The flexibility of the system, as well as the range of data available, provides organizations with unprecedented access to assessment data to promote quality care and support organizational management.

The three UAS–NY Reporting features are:

  • Individual Reports: Individual reports present information on the specific individual being assessed.
  • Aggregate Reports: Aggregate reports present information in summary across an organization.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting: Ad hoc reporting enables users to create custom reports and to select and export data from the UAS-NY for use in local case management or quality systems.

Samples of Individual Reports

On an individual or client level, the UAS-NY contains a wide range of reports that present assessment outcomes and general assessment information. The table below describes some of these reports. Select the report name to view a sample of the report in the pdf format.

Report Name Description
Personal Health Summary Report (PDF, 12KB) Individual report presenting responses to the assessment, nursing facility level of care, certain calculated scales, diseases and medications.
Level of Care Report (PDF, 13KB) Presents the responses to the items used to calculate the Nursing Facility Level of Care.
CAPS (PDF, 11KB) Presents a status of the 27 Clinical Assessment Protocols for the individual being assessed.
RUGS History Report (PDF, 8KB) Presents assessment date, category, group code, ADL and IADL Index, and Case Mix
Assessment Outcomes (PDF, 8KB) One page report presenting outcomes including Nursing Facility Level of Care, Resource Utilization Group, Possible Program Choices, etc.
Facesheet (PDF, 8KB) Individual report presenting information in the Identification Information section
Assessment (PDF, 34KB) Individual report containing all responses to the Community Assessment
FS Assessment (PDF, 19KB) Individual report containing all responses to the Functional Supplement
MH Assessment (PDF, 12KB) Individual report containing all responses to the Mental Health Supplement

The UAS-NY Training Environment will include courses to help staff understand and use the different reporting features.

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