New York State Medicaid Disability Review Unit

Medicaid Disability Manual

For questions regarding disability documentation requirements email or call the State Disability Review Unit toll free number 1-866-330-0591 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

The Medicaid Disability Manual is the official policy guide for disability determinations for the Medicaid program in New York State. It includes six sections: Table of Contents, Introduction, Official Policy, Listing of Impairments, Adult and Children (Appendix I), Medical Vocational Guidelines (Appendix II), and Disability Review Forms.

The Manual is updated whenever changes in disability policy, procedures, or Listing of Impairments take effect. These updates are listed below.

The Medicaid Disability Manual is available online at the DOH website. Forms referred to in the Manual may be obtained online through the Health Commerce System (Access Required).

Medicaid Disability Manual Updates

Note: The following changes have been included in the above manual.

Appendix I Part A

Appendix I Part B

Official Policy