Vegetables and Fruits

Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits every day. Be sure to include dark green and orange fruits and vegetables as well as legumes (cooked dry beans and peas). Did you know that dry beans and peas are also a great source for protein?

Fruits and vegetables are

  • high in vitamins, minerals and fiber
  • low in calories
  • contain no fat

Eating vegetables and fruits reduces your risk for certain chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease.

Here are some ways to eat more vegetables and fruits

  • Keep fruits and vegetables on hand to snack on
  • Make salad part of your dinner routine
  • Make half your plate vegetables and fruits

The current WIC food package includes fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to save money. Find out if your local Farmers Market takes your WIC vouchers. For more information on the WIC food package go to WIC Food Packages.


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