Priority Area: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Children - Strategies and Partners Matrix

County Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Cayuga Auburn Memorial Hospital   Increase breastfeeding rates
  1. Collaborate with local agencies and hospitals to promote maternal and child health programs.
  2. Provide supports and educational resources available within the community for county residents.
  • Auburn Memorial Hospital
  • Reach Central New York
  • Local physicians
Columbia Columbia Memorial Hospital  
  1. Prenatal care
  2. Teen pregnancy
  3. Infant mortality
  4. Lead poisoning prevention
  1. Offer screening for lead poisoning.
  2. Conduct education to healthcare providers, community members and patients
  • Local OB/GYN groups
  • Columbia Opportunities
  • WIC
  • Migrant population
  • Social Services
  • Health Care Consortium’s Dental Project
Cortland Cortland Regional Medical Center (CRMC)   Access to OB care
  1. Expand MCH and MOMS activities to include more education.
  2. The Maternity expansion at CRMC will encourage more mothers to deliver locally and hopefully will attract additional OB providers. CRMC has recruited an OB who is currently seeking approval to be a MOMS provider, bringing the number of Cortland County OB providers accepting Medicaid to three.
  3. Expand the Cortland County Health Department’s MCH services to include more nursing time allowing increased home visits. This expansion is dependent upon the county’s fiscal situation.
  • WIC and other prenatal and OB partners
  • Cortland Regional Medical Center
  • Catholic Health System
  • Kaleida Health
  • Erie County Medical Center
  • Sheehan Memorial Hospital
  Reduce BMI Implement Fit and Fun Program for elementary school children.
  • Healthy Community Alliance
  • Schools
  • Little Falls Hospital
  • Bassett Healthcare
  • Faxton-St. Luke's Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital
  1. Access to OB/GYN care
  2. Family planning
  1. Establish a preconception clinic.
  2. Increase family planning services.
  3. Establish STD clinic.
  4. Improve transportation for keeping appointments with Primary Care Assistance Program providers.
Lewis Lewis County General Hospital  
  1. Lead
  2. Access to care
  1. Increase the percentage of mothers accessing early prenatal care in the 1st trimester through collaboration between Lewis County Public Health and local health providers.
  2. Increase the percentage of children with at least one lead screening by age 3 by collaborating with “non-traditional” health planners such as housing, and building specialists and landlords.
  3. Develop healthy housing environments and maintain them.
  • Faxton-St. Luke's
  • Rome Memorial
  • St. Elizabeth Medical Center
  • Herkimer
  • Madison
Access to Care
  1. Coordinate and centralize OB care services for uninsured and underserved high-risk women.
  2. Streamline OB/GYN services in one community-based care center.
  3. Alleviate current obstetrician shortage at Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare by sharing physician services.
  4. Increase efficacy of treatment by using Family Practice residents to assist in providing treatment.
  5. Remove perceived barriers to accessing prenatal care services.
  6. Research future program growth to include projects such as “Right Start.” This project is an intense case management model which incorporates best practices to decrease low birth weight infants, and decrease risk factors associated with the population served, all within an economical model.
  • Crouse Hospital
  • University Hospital
  • Community General Hospital
  • St. Josephs Hospital
  • Madison
  • Oswego
  • Oneida
  • Cortland
  • Cayuga
  • Tompkins
Refugee health
  1. Convene a workgroup of key players in refugee health to reach consensus on the problems facing the community and develop a plan to address those problems.
  2. The workgroup will also develop a community-wide strategy, metrics and measurement plan, and seek external funding.
  3. Develop a systematic approach to providing care to refugee populations of all ages with an emphasis on the maternal and child health services system.
  • Bon Secours Charity Health System (3 sites)
  • Orange Regional Medical Center (2 sites)
  • St. Luke's/Cornwall Hospital (2 sites)
  • Dutchess
  • Putnam
  • Rockland
  • Sullivan
  • Ulster
  • Ulster
  • Westchester
  1. Lead
  2. Access to care
  3. Family planning
  4. Sexual health education
  1. Educate daycare providers.
  2. Educate pre-natal care providers on lead testing for mid-Hudson children ages 1 and 2; Visit at least 25% of prenatal care Consortium providers.
  3. Collaborate with and support Maternal Infant Services Network, WIC, and Community Health Worker Program initiative.
  4. Strengthen partnerships with community and faith-based leaders.
  5. Intensify efforts with schools and parent organizations in high risk communities.
  6. Continue participation in the Orange County Perinatal Consortium to improve access to early prenatal care.
  7. Collaborate with Maternal Infant Services Network and the Regional Lactation Consortium.
  8. Partner with BOCES and community-based pregnancy prevention programs.
  9. Help parents to develop skills in discussing sexuality issues with their children.
  10. Collaborate with community health partners to expand family planning education and services for adolescents and adults at high risk of HIV/STD infection and substance abuse.
  11. Disseminate outreach and risk reduction materials to high risk communities.
  12. Strengthen outreach to medical providers.
  13. Improve techniques for safe and less costly housing remediation.
  14. Provide funds or loans for low-income home owners.
  15. Expand programs to educate and certify trained lead remediation specialists.
  16. Promote universal lead testing, especially in areas of high incidence and prevalence for elevated blood lead levels.
  17. Explore options for comprehensive assessment of injury data to assist in the identification of areas needing intervention.
  18. Expand injury prevention and education activities and media campaigns for the elderly, particularly regarding falls prevention and home safety.
  19. Educate adolescents and adults about preventing motor vehicle injuries.
  20. Expand Healthy Neighborhoods Program to other high risk areas in the county.
  21. Use social media to reach adolescents with prevention messages.
MISN/Regional Lactation Consortium
Schuyler Schuyler Hospital SAY Rural Health Network Abnormal Behaviors in young children
  1. Review pertinent data from the Schuyler County Community Health Assessment and Schuyler Hospital Community Services Plans.
  2. Complete an in-depth Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of Schuyler County's services dealing with prevention and treatment of diabetes.
  3. Conduct a literature search of best practices.
  4. Develop a creative community plan using environmental strategies.
  • Schuyler County Health Department
  • Schuyler Hospital
  • Schuyler County Mental Health Clinic
  • Schuyler OFA
  • Schuyler Headstart
  • Schuyler Department of Social Services
  • Schuyler Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Watkins Glen School District
  • Schuyler County Child Care Coordinating Council
  • Schuyler Youth Bureau
  1. Dental Health
  2. Unintentional injuries (child seats in vehicles)
  3. Immunizations
  1. Subcontract to PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program for enhancement of access to dental health education and treatment services for Sullivan County's population of medically indigent children and pregnant women.
  2. Provide maternal peer support and education.
  3. The Healthy Families Program promotes healthy families and reduces the incidence of child abuse and other subsequent problems by using a strength-based curriculum.
  4. Bilingual outreach worker assists families with pregnant women and children to feel safe and utilize necessary preventive and primary health services.
  5. Enhance Sullivan County's youth and adolescent health status through a county wide obesity reduction education program.
  6. Implement a teen pregnancy program.
  7. School nurses throughout the county and school health teachers provide health and reproductive education classes and materials.
  8. The Center for Discovery serves children with special physical and educational needs.
  9. Collaborate with Teen Link of Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley.
  10. OB/GYN’s offer family planning and women’s health services.
  11. The Maternal Infant Services Network provides county wide preconception and prenatal classes to reduce poor maternal and child health outcomes through funding from the Rural Health Network of Sullivan County.
  • PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program
  • WIC
  • Visiting Nurse Program
Wayne Newark-Wayne Community Hospital
  • Seneca
  • Schuyler
  • Steuben
  • Ontario
  • Yates
Increase breastfeeding
  1. Cornell Cooperative Extension
  2. Newark-Wayne Community Hospital
  3. Wayne Community Action Program
  4. WIC