Division of Environmental Health Team, Cortland County Department of Health

Division of Environmental Health Team

Front (left to right)

  • Audrey V. Lewis
  • Brad Brown
  • Debbie Albro
  • John Helgrene

Back (left to right)

  • Joan Guard
  • Phyllis Guest
  • Adrienne Nadge
  • Diane Madak-Lamont
  • Phillip Crimmins

The Cortland County Division of Environmental Health is comprised of dedicated public health practitioners that are committed to the community around them. For many years, the Division has actively promoted aquifer protection to protect drinking water supplies. One such effort included partnering with water suppliers and area agencies to plan and hold the county's Water Festival which hundreds of people attend annually. The staff has provided 24/7 public health response for decades by mobilizing quickly as a team to respond to large emergencies or to the simpler emergencies of the day. The team partners with sister agencies on environmental issues and planning, is proactive and maintains optional programs such as Housing, Petroleum Bulk Storage, Radon, and Individual Water and Sewage programs.

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